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Bring the Steakhouse Home and Entertain Your Friends with a Steak Tasting

Looking for a fun way to entertain and engage dinner guests with a great grilled meal?   Fire up your grill, grab a handful of steaks, and slice up the results for your guests to pick their perfect plate. Think of a steak tasting like a sushi bar.  One ribeye, one NY Strip and one Porterhouse
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Precision Searing with GrillGrates

GrillGrates offer grillers many options on how to dial in that perfect sear.   Rails up offer steak house sear marks (we call them flavor bars) while the flat-side up offers an overall sear for maximum crust and flavor. Over the past dozen years, we’ve learned from our customers and chef friends how to use both
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Profiles of Grate Grilling

With most states reopening for business after weeks-long shut downs, we’re reminded how much grilling and family meals together have proven to be a delicious outlet and stress reliever in these difficult times. The pictures we’ve seen and shared on social media are heartwarming and restaurant-worthy.  For those of us who grill all the time,
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Grilling is the Cure for the Quarantine Blues

It’s been one month since I moved my office home to the dining room table.  In that time, we’ve cleaned and organized our garage, basement, files, junk drawers and more.  Our yard looks like a yard of the month poster and we’re overdosing on Miracle Grow. As an entrepreneur I am allergic to this kind
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Join Us for 30 Days of Grate Grilling

More people than ever are gathering at their grills. As we shift gears back to home, Spring is a time for unpacking the outdoor grill. Since so many of us are home-bound, more people than ever are joining the annual ritual of firing up their grills for making delicious food. If your grill and your
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Holiday Grilling

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Entertaining by Integrating Your Grills Into Your Holiday Meal Planning If you’ve got a crowd coming to your house for the holidays- that means more than one big meal- it’s likely means several big meals for breakfast lunch and dinner.   Bring your grills and your grillers to the rescue
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8 Ways to Grill Chicken

8 Ways to Grill Chicken   Grilling chicken (as opposed to smoking it or roasting it) presents its own unique challenges. Chicken is practically flammable on the grill, let alone when you add sauces or marinades. There’s also the challenge of cooking it until it’s done without overcooking it and drying it out. But rest
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Grilling For A Crowd

Grilling For A Crowd July 4th is right around the corner, and if you’re not attending a cookout, you’re likely hosting one. But what do you serve (or bring) that will please the whole crowd? Your brother’s girlfriend is vegan, your best friend is bringing their kids, and you also want to do appetizers and
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The Changing World of Meat – Part 2

The Changing World of Meat – Part 2 Can Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Save the Planet?   Continued from Part 1 of our blog about The Changing World of Meat… Another way the world of meat is changing is the meat-alternative movement. We touched on it briefly in our blog “Bursting the Burger Bubble”. We talked about thinking outside-the-bun
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The Changing World of Meat – Part 1

The Changing World of Meat – Part 1 Are We In the Post-Industrial Age of Meat?   We’ve been buying beef the same way for years. And for the most part, that beef has been farmed and distributed the same way for years. As a multi-billion-dollar operation, we could easily say that the system is working just fine as it
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Hold Your Own Steak Cook-off in Your Backyard

Hold Your Own Steak Cook-off in Your Backyard Steak Cook-offs are the hottest thing in the world of Food Sport- yes there is such as thing as food sport! These are steak cook-offs happening every weekend all across the US, Europe and Australia sanctioned by the Steak Cookoff Association.  Guys and gals compete for  purses
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An Onion is The Best Way to Season GrillGrates

An Onion is The Best Way to Season GrillGrates We love it when customers  (in this case a Chef) share grate ideas, techniques and cooks with us.   Chef James related how he seasoned his new GrillGrates with a halved onion.  He also shared the science behind it which makes grate sense. In the past we’ve